About Norman K. Chase

Statement of Purpose:

Thank you for viewing my legal website.

While I have been trained in the legal profession, it was only through practical, daily experience that I have understood what is most important: YOU.

You are in need of the services of a legal representative that stands in your shoes, and listens to your needs and requests, and proceeds to fulfill those needs and requests in a professional and timely manner. That is what I do, and what you can expect from me.

You do not have to take a number with me and wait. When you contact this office, you will NOT reach voicemail, but will reach a human voice during all business hours. Any contact by email is returned as quickly as received.

I do not depend on volumes of clients, and therefore you are the ultimate beneficiary of my personal time. All initial consultations on any matter are without charge, and without time limits. I will answer inquiries with all the knowledge that more than 30 years of legal experience has given me, and I hope to exceed any expectations you may have.

My career has been based upon the above, and I have depended upon referrals as the most consistent source of new clients. This is where I find the most satisfaction, and hope to prove myself to you.

Areas of Concentration:
Real Estate Transactions, including residential & commercial, refinance, including SBA loans, Housing Development Loans,  Reverse mortgages; Business Transactions, including (a) formation of Corporation, LLC, partnership; (b) sale & purchase of ongoing business; (c) financing of business purchase; Estate Administration, including all Probate Court matters; Personal Injury, including Worker's Compensation; Wills & Trusts; Divorce; General Litigation in all State and Federal Courts. Contract law, including the preparation and review of all Contracts or Agreements.